Leads from internet are getting more and more expensive?
Cost of remote sales is high?
Turn rate of data is low?
More and more in-active users?
Cost of leads
Cost of remote sales
Number of inactive users
Turn rate of data


New Customer Acquisition
Lingxi collaborates with internet partners, to help your enterprise exploring new customers, signing new deals, contributing “fresh” revenue.
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Existing Customer Retention
Lingxi digs bids from existing but inactive customers by human-AI combo sales. Make every customer matters for you.
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Customer Care
Lingxi help our clients to serve their customers through professional and continuous operating activities. We help to draw a more precise profile for each customer from every contacts. The profile data model help our clients getting more understand their customers.
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By our patented causal AI technologies, Lingxi has the No.1 sales productivity in industries. Our human-AI combo sales have higher turn rate and lower cost comparing to traditional human sales companies. Lingxi digs sales know-how, trains AI model by causal AI, and drills by sales data day by day. Lingxi has full-stack causal AI patents.



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