Productivity Augmentation in Finance

Lingxi leverages augmented intelligence technologies to offer financial services. We substantially outperform our competitors in service metrics and proudly set a new record for industry productivity.

  • Debt Collection

    Powered by augmented intelligence, Lingxi’s debt collection service amplifies both employee productivity and the recovery rate. By sorting the recovery

    feasibility, analyzing the collection leads, our AI augmentation station matches the proper human or robot collector with the case, focusing human attention where it is most needed and automating work where that attention is less needed.

    We have leveled up the debt collection service productivity to be 2.5 times the industry average.

  • Financial Sales

    Lingxi offers multi-media sales service to banking, consumer finance, insurance, online education, and other industries.

    By profiling customer characters and extracting sales leads using AI, we maximize the chance to find high potential targets. By providing real-time assistance using Robot Assistant, we empower the individual sales expertise. Lingxi helps the client to reach a higher conversion rate and sales productivity, thus win with augmented intelligence.