Insurance Value Chain Optimization

Lingxi gives insurance sales a competitive edge by expertise lift and strategy support. Our product recognize convertible sales threads and make intelligent recommendations, thus help sales representatives to focus on the priorities and maximize the outcome.

  • Insurance Training

    Lingxi’s AI Training Robot offers high fidelity AI instructors for individual Insurance Agents. We built client profile and sales scenarios based on large numbers of historical data, and extracts recommended sales strategy from both the human input and machine learning.

    Lingxi captures, refines, redistributes, and evolves knowledge to make average Insurance sales agents as good as the best talent.

  • Insurance Sales

    Lingxi extracts useful information from Insurance customer service data to build customer profiles and targets high potential clients and corresponding Insurance services. By providing real-time assistance using Robot Assistant, we empower the individual Insurance agent’s expertise. Lingxi helps the client to reach a higher conversion rate and sales productivity, thus win with augmented intelligence.