Debt Collection-Highest Productivity Record in Whole Industry

How the augmented intelligence level up collector productivity with a high collection rate?


Debt Collection has grown to be a trillion Yuan market size business in China as the Chinese financial market boosting for several decades. With the fast development of internet finance, and alongside the establishment of related national laws and regulations, the outsourcing Debt Collection companies in China are facing great opportunities and also challenges.

AI Augmentation Solution of Lingxi

Lingxi offers Debt Collection outsourcing services to most of the major China consumer finance and internet finance companies. Compared with the competitor service providers, Lingxi steadily ranks our debt recovery rate to be the top 30%. In the meantime, our collector productivity is 2.5 times the industry average and continuously raises with the accumulation of our cognitive intelligence.

High Recovery Rate and Productivity

Lingxi’s knowledge graph integrates the experience and skills of high-performance collectors, builds the casual inference network of expert thinking, and calculates the target debt recovery probabilities. The AI augmentation station controls all the collection workflows. It digitalizes the business scenarios, extracts the entities and data labels, identifies the intention and connection, builds the knowledge graph, and run strategy decision. Hundreds of business scenario robots based on instructions from the control station take over the repetitive work from humans, handle the simple collection cases, and provide real-time assistance to human employees.

Combining the capabilities of AI and humans, Lingxi amplifies both the debt recovery rate and the collector’s productivity.

AI Guaranteed Compliance

Lingxi’s AI Augmentation Station makes sure all the debt collection processes compliant with national rules and regulations. AI scans all the call recordings, messages, chat records, and runs language processing to identify any existing non-compliance. Besides textual analysis, we also run monitoring against actions performed by collectors like chatting record deletion.

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