Financial Sales-Augmented Financial Sales

AI boosts the final conversion rate using limited sales leads


For consumer financial companies, a big part of the challenge is how to reduce the new customer cost and control the operation risk while in the meantime maintain the profit rate. For one of our clients who chose the Lingxi financial sales solution, a great benefit was taken out of augmented intelligence technologies.

Lingxi’s Financial Sales Solution

For the new customers who didn’t finish enrollment after advertising and existing customers who have been sleeping for a while, telesales activation is still the most effective way. Leveraging AI to empower the productivity of human workers, Lingxi’s financial sales decreased by 21.7% of the operational cost for our client.

Maximize the Conversion Rate Based on Limited Sales Leads

A human worker is better at cases that need inference, compassion, and negotiation. Robot worker is better at cases which are repetitive and standard. Using NLP and multi-turn conversation technologies, Lingxi’s telesales robots are customized based on business scenarios to make the first round call. Our AI augmentation station builds customer profiles, identifies high potential clients, and pushes them to human sales to further process. By focusing on the human task force, customer experiences are optimized and operational costs are saved.

Build Customer Profile to Support Operation Precision

Lingxi has deep technological accumulation on non-structure data digging. In telesales scenarios, there are large numbers of new customer information inside the recording. We make multi-dimensional customer profiles based on our financial knowledge graph and event logic graph technologies. By enriching client understanding, the operation efficiency and precision are dramatically improved.

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