Insurance Sales-Unearth the Buried Sales Leads

Insurance Sales-Unearth the Buried Sales Leads


In 2019, the Chinese insurance market, with total premium reached 4.26 trillion, has grown to be the second-largest insurance market in the world. Effective insurance sales solutions are highly welcomed by the market.

Our AI Insurance Sales Solution

Lingxi’s AI insurance sales solution is designed for different sales leads' quality levels. For low-quality sales leads, we focus on identify high-feasibility clients and predict the conversion probability. For high-quality sales leads, we focus on AI assistants to increase agent productivity. Several major local insurance companies have adopted our insurance sales solution. We have saved 67% of sales costs and increased 6.3% of productivity for those clients.

Conversion Probability Prediction

Lingxi extracts useful information from Insurance customer service data Using NLP and multi-turn conversation technologies to build customer profiles, identifies high potential clients, and recommends insurance services. By processing the non-structure data, extracting the entities and characters, and integrating attitude information such as tone and voice level, Lingxi’s AI augmentation station predicts the conversion probability and sorting the insurance purchase likelihood. For one example client, we reached an 89.7% conversion rate in the top 27.4% sorted cases. By focusing the sales capability using AI technologies, we expand the service boundary and amplified productivity.

Real-time Robot Assistant

Our Insurance knowledge graph builds a multi-dimensional sales expertise network. Based on the network info, Lingxi’s Robot Assistant monitors the communication between the insurance agent and the client, provides real-time assistance based on the agent’s specialty, thus increase the success of each case.

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