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Is my training instructor a real person or an AI?


As Chinese insurance marketing is continuous growing, More than 9.2M insurance agents are registered to provide Insurance service in 2019 according to official record. As the overall population grows in a 30% increase every year, the average productivity of the insurance agent is not increasing as expected. Taking a large Chinese local insurance company for example, the average Insurance Premium per agent is only 9,000 RMB. One important topic of all the local insurance companies is how to effectively empower the agents’ talent and expertise.

AI Training Robot for Insurance

Powered by the AI augmentation station, Lingxi’s AI Training Robot offers high fidelity AI instructors for individual Insurance Agents. It has been widely used by several large local insurance companies, shortening the agent training cycle by 30% and increasing average productivity by 7%.

Effective Multi-dimensional Sales Expertise Network

Lingxi’s AI Training Robot builds client profile and sales scenarios based on large numbers of historical data, and extracts recommended sales strategy from both the human input and machine learning.

Our Insurance knowledge graph builds a multi-dimensional sales expertise network. All the typical client profiles are simulated inside typical training scenarios.

Customized Individual Training Solution

We offer customized training packages for every individual insurance agent based on understanding of each one’s expertise level includes dozes of dimensions such as expression ability, convincing ability, control skills, product understanding, etc. By monitoring the training progress of new agents, our robot instructor evaluate and identify the skill gaps, and automatically make corresponding training solutions. For senior insurance agents, the robot instructor analyzes historical sales recording first and updates the expertise radar before making official training plans.

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